Single Period Button Dimmer on a square oak pattress.

These domed metal dimmers are available in several metals and finishes including brass, copper and chrome. The metal domes are individually spun and finished by hand in our workshop. 

The oak mounting pattress is available in 5 different finishes, including natural oak that can be painted. 

All of our button dimmers and pattresses can be mounted directly to a standard metal wall box. 

Period Button Dimmer Diameter - 66mm

Oak Pattress Dimensions - 88mm x 88mm 

Our Button Dimmers come with all fixing screws and full installation notes are included. 

These dimmers, when ordered without the remote dimming packs, can be wired in and used as an internal bell push. 

Note that this is a push to make switch. If you are not using a control system such as Lutron or similar (refer to your electrician), this dimmer will require a dimming pack sold separately (IDP1000). The button dimmer is a push-button that controls the remote dimming pack which is mounted separately in the wall out of sight. The button dimmer is pushed to turn the lights on and off and held down to dim the lights up and down until they are at the required level. One remote dimming pack is required for each circuit, with up to 10 button dimmers on the circuit. Button dimmers and standard switches must not be mixed on a circuit. When used alongside the IDP1000, these push button dimmer switches are NOT suitable for dimming LED bulbs. 

 IDP1000 Dimming Pack Dimensions: 145mm x 45mm x 25mm 


Single Button Dimmer Period Switch on a square Oak Pattress

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