About Bromleighs

Specified by discerning clients the world over, Bromleighs' products may be found in various heritage renovations as well as prestigious new establishments.

Our commitment to manufacturing and supplying only the best continues with our collections of hand finished plates and quality British-made inserts.

Bromleighs take raw materials such as locally sourced Copper, Pewter and Brass and turn them into exquisite switch and socket plates.  We take pride in manufacturing an exclusive, artisan product here in our workshop, using traditional cutting and finishing methods.

All of our ranges are designed for ease of fitting to standard wiring. All of Bromleighs fittings are designed to meet current British standards and are subject to detailed inspection throughout production. Bromleighs are world-renowned for their electrical accessories.

Oak products - All of our Oak products are carefully selected, hand finished and stained. However we cannot guarantee that colour matches will be consistent between previous orders and singular orders where more than one item has been ordered. Any slight colour variation is due to the fact that the Oak is a natural product with varying degrees of grain structure. Any existing product that you are matching with a new product may have aged and darkened with time.

Profile Antique Brass, Forged Copper and Forged Pewter - Variations in the appearance of these items are to be expected due to the hand finished antiquing process.

Bromleighs are completely dedicated to your total satisfaction. If you have any suggestions or comments please email us using the link on the store page.

Unit 50E/F Severnbridge Industrial Estate, Caldicot, South Wales  NP26 5PW, UK

Mobile 07535 866428 - due to the Covid-19 medical pandemic, please use this contact number for queries that are urgent. 

Telephone 01208 79490 - this number will be inaccessible during UK shutdown. Please use alternative mobile number above. 

Email info@bromleighs.com