Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is related to wiring or installation see our wiring and installation pages.


Can I have an Intermediate Bakelite Switch?
In the Bakelite range no, but we do have a very close match in our Period Switch range with the Brown / Black or Antique Bronze domes.
View the Period Switch Section here

Do your switches fit into a standard 25mm metal box?
Yes they do, all of our switches fit onto standard wall boxes, be they single or double boxes. If the box is raised proud off of the wall we offer an elegant solution of a mounted wall box, see image below.
Exclusions are cooker and shaver sockets, these need a 50mm deep box.

What output do your USB sockets give?

The sockets are a standard 13A socket and the USB output is 2.1 amp. 


What can I use, or how can I match your Bakelite Switches with wall sockets?
There are two options from our collections that you can use, one is from the Brown Collection, the other is to use our Hardwood Collection. Both offer a viable solution and both look equally at home in any setting.
View the Brown Collection Here


Will I need an adapter kit for my Bakelite switch?
It really depends on how or what you are fitting them to. You need an adapter kit if you are fitting a Bakelite switch onto an existing wall box (with an oak pattress). The adapter fits to the wall box (as shown below) and the pattress is fitted to the adapter by using the long screws through the pattress from the Bakelite switch.

What if I want to see the sockets and switches, to see if they match my decor?
Not a problem as we offer a sample service of up to three standard items, conditions apply - call or email us for more details.

What do I need for wiring up my Dimmer switches and will I need a dimming pack?
There are so many options that you should seek expert advice from a qualified electrician; however we have put together a set of wiring and installation details for guidance. See the Wiring and Installation webpage for more information.
Note: you will always need a dimming pack when installing a period push button dimmer.

What does your carriage charge cover?
The carriage charge covers all shipping costs - via post office or courier - all handling, packaging, insurance costs and final quality control check prior to dispatching your goods.

What is the difference between a 2 way switch and an Intermediate switch and when do I need them?
All our switches are 2 way as standard. A 2 way switch operates at either end of a circuit and turns the light on or off. An Intermediate switch is used if there is an interruption in this circuit such as another switch that needs to turn the light on or off - for instance, on a landing or in the middle of a hallway, where more than two switches control a light circuit.

What if I order the wrong thing?
Generally this is not a problem, as long as the item is not a special production item - and the item is not damaged in any way - we will accept returns (at your cost) and reserve the right to charge a handling and re-stocking fee (this procedure is outlined in our terms and conditions).